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Beware of Leaving Your House Vacant!!!

Is Florida Property Vacant?


     You may not be aware of this but if your property is vacant and you do not inform your insurance company of this fact they may likely deny coverage. Vacant homes in Florida, especially coastal counties like Brevard are experiencing unprecedented hazard or home insurance rates. This is due to the past history of Hurricanes in Central Florida.


     Since the rates have been skyrocketing and many insurers are pulling out of the state the companies who have decided are still writing policies have no appetite for vacant homes. We have found that the premiums for vacant houses can be over 200% the cost of a renter’s policy.


     Therefore, if you have a rental property and your tenant vacates be sure to rent or sell it quickly. If you are unable to do so let your insurance agent know. Failure to do so can be a major problem.


     If you need to sell your property and do not want the hassle with the high cost of sales and all the time delays associated with the sale, call us today. At Vinarub Real Estate we pay cash for property and close in days.


A quick nickel is worth more 

than a slow dime!!!