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A Very Businessman Told Me

A quick nickel is worth more

 than a slow dime!!!

     This statement has never been more true then now. With today’s real estate market the cost of insurance, taxes, closing costs, commissions, maintenance and mortgage payments the expected proceeds from the sale of your property can shrink. As a matter of fact the double digit decreases in property values that we have experienced over the past 24 month has no sign of letting up.  

So to sum it up:

·        The longer it takes the more it costs. (even if you own the property for cash)

·        The longer it takes the less property could be worth

·        The longer it takes the bigger the loss of the opportunity cost of the proceed

·        The longer it takes the more it could disrupt your plans


How Can Vinarub Real Estate Help?

·        We can make you a cash offer and close in days

·        We can list your property for sale at a reduced commission

·        We can provide you with a $500 flat fee listing·        We can property manage your real estate and get you a monthly income



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