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Canaveral Groves

Canaveral Groves, Florida

Canaveral Groves is an unincorporated area in Brevard County, Florida, United States. It is a rural area between State Road 520 and Port St. John. It has a lower population density in the southwestern region, with only 140 households in the area. However, there is no access to Port St. John except Grissom Parkway at the eastern boundary. The zip codes inside the community are 32926, 32928 and 32927. North of Suga Avenue, south of State Road 528, and west of Orleans Street is a small undeveloped area similar to The Compound in Palm Bay.



Canaveral Groves is located at 28°25′29″N, 80°49′13″W (28°25'31 N -80°49'13). The area is 20.3 square miles (30 square kilometers). To the southwest is State Road 520, to the east is Grissom Parkway, to the north is Port St. John, and to the west is the St. Johns River.


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