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     At Vinarub Real Estate we often receive call if we buy condo's, townhomes, multi-family properties or single family homes in Idiatlantic?  The simple answer is maybe. We look at the property and the circumstances of the seller. We then employer our decades of experience and create ways to help the seller meet their goals. Can we help everyone? No but we can help many! So for those of you who need to sell your property quickly in Idiatlantic, Florida the answer is YES we are interested. YES we can offer you cash for your property. YES we can close in days if needed. So if you need to sell your property fast and want to avoid the cost of time by waiting for a buyer call Vinarub Real Estate today.


A quick nickel is worth more

 than a slow dime!!!

Vinarub Real Estate, Inc

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(321) 431-8326

David S. Vinarub, President/Broker

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