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House Need Repairs?

Does Your Property Need Repairs?

If you need to sell a property that is in need of major repairs, chances are most people would not consider buying it. Most people can't get a loan on a house that needs fixing up and do not have the cash to do it out of pocket. In addition many lending institutions will not mortgage a fixer-upper since they do not provide solid collateral for the loan.

Vinarub Real Estate, Inc. can and will buy houses in need of repairs. In fact we buy distressed houses all the time and make the repairs ourselves. We can take an ugly, run-down property and make it look like brand new. Not only can we help by buying and repairing your house, but we also help others by providing them with a beautiful place to live while beautifying the community.

Every day you wait could cost you hundreds or thousands in additional damage. Please call or email before it is too late!