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Probate or Estate Sale?


The death of a loved one can be devastating enough but the added burden of dealing with real estate can become almost unbearable. If you have inherited a property or have the responsibility of selling a property on behalf of an estate we can help.

Perhaps you live in a different state or the property needs repairs or the mortgage payment is not being made and nobody had the money to keep it current. Whatever the situation may be the probate and selling can often be complex, costly and aggravating.

You work through endless stacks of paper trying to determine how to split the assets between the heirs and how to handle everything legally. Much of the estate may be easy to distribute, but that is rarely the case with real estate. Often times selling real estate can take months or years.

Vinarub Real Estate, Inc. wants to help. We can often speed up the selling process by giving you a fast and fair offer that is acceptable to all the heirs so you can move on with your lives.