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Consider a Short Sale Instead of Foreclosure

Negative Equity - Consider a Short Sale

Brevard County was one of the top appreciating Counties in the United States. This momentum has come back to haunt us. Those who either purchased at the top of the market in 2004 - 2005 or extracted equity by refinancing during this historic appreciation may owe the bank more than the property is worth.

According to CNBC business news television during the last week of April they reported that 18% of the homes on the market have negative equity. This means either the seller needs to bring cash to closing or you need to negotiate a Short Sale with the bank. The bank will not consider a short sale without a contract for Sales and Purchase on your property. This is where Vinarub Real Estate come in. We can provide you with a solid contract to bring to the bank.

If you need we can also refer you to a specialist to do the negotiations for you with the bank. "A short sale is a far better solution then losing your home to Foreclosure" says Suzie Orman.

We are very creative cash buyers and we would like to lend you a hand!

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